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Enjoy your life!

Qyu is the evolution of modern urban living into a smarter, fully interactive, mobile, location-based, immersive, and fun experience.

We know you love free stuff. So do we! Thus, we build this app where you can grab your free loot through the simple scan of a QR-code. No additional sign-up necessary. And the best part about it, the more you scan the more free stuff you get! But there is more to Qyu than free loot. Oh the excitement! Oh the joy! Great content! Play to unlock all the secrets.
Within the world of Qyu, there is always something to do. Find novels you have not read yet in one of the participating coffee houses. How about an interactive build-your-own adventure like scavenger hunt? Whatever you chose to do, our quests are interactive, dynamic, live and on location. So you can enjoy your life.
There is one thing that is really important to us. We want to help the world’s cities to become inclusive, innovative, healthy, soulful and thriving. In only 15 years more than 6.5 billion people will live in cities using 80% of the world's energy. As more and more people, specifically in Asia, chose to urbanise to benefit from the vibrant and inspiring environment that promises many opportunities we see a need to ensure that everyone is included.
One promise from our end, we never stop innovating for you! There are several cool and innovative features in Qyu and in the app biosphere around it that will help you to an easier life. Examples are the car locator quest, the meetup Qyu (send you a gps-based live location update to your friends), or feedback qyu (a direct communication channel to participating companies). And with the Gutenberg Quest, there is always a good read nearby.
  • Character screen


Wherever you are, the content you can play changes with you. Technologies GPS and Bluetooth LE Beacons (iBeacons) lead an incomparable immersive experience

Augmented Reality

Experience the world around you as never before. See your surrounding become alive through a stunning location-based and event driven sound and visionary overlay.

Event driven

Every action in the game grid has a similar reaction in the real world. Enjoy an interactive engagement with characters in engaging story-lines that keep you entertained.

Game Platform

How about a nice game? Many quests support mysteries, riddles, leaderboards, multi-location adventures, and support for the overreaching story arc.








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Qyu Version 2.0 Launch of new features

With this launch we completed the full transition of the app to support augmented reality assets. Further additions are meetup Qyu and additional quest content.

Qyu joined the tenqyu family

Introducing urban explorable content, Qyu has been launched! Using tenqyu branded QR-codes, Qyu enables a full spectrum of fun features including Park Locator.

The concept of Qyu

The original explainer video that started the whole movement. Enjoy a trip back into the past!

Qyu More fun* Better living* Healthier lifestyle App

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We wanted to let you know,the app is free to play. We thought you might like this.

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